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90% Win Rate Sylvanas [UPDATED]

Introductions Top

Hi my name is Sander. My internet alias is Squeezebox.I wanted to share my thoughts on how to play Sylvanas effectively in the current meta. I’ve been playing the alpha since day one and I’ve been playing Sylvanas since release. I won over 90% of my matches with Sylvanas and so can you! This guide will make you top the Siege Damage done AND Hero Damage done in most of your matches. This guide is suited for both solo and team play. Everything is written from a perspective that revolves around this particular build.Everything you read is subject to change because Heroes of the Storm is still in BETA.Pros:
– Wrecks buildings
– Amazing wave clear
– Unique way of controlling Structures and Minions
– 5 seconds AoE silence
– An extremly good teamfighter
– Gab closerCons:
– Squishy
– Low burst without Envenom and thus somewhat underwelming 1vs1

Abilities Top

- Under Construction -Welcome to the Ability section of the guide.
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