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Master of Vision, a Tyrande Guide

Introduction Top

Hello I’m an Assassin main in Heroes, I’ve played quite a few games of heroes (about 5000+ now) and over 500 are on Tyrande. I feel I’m pretty good with her so I decided to make a guide and share my thoughts and how to build/play her and the different talents you can take on her. In heroes theres not just 1 build you always go so I tried to make enogh different builds to show you her versatility anyways thanks for reading!Social Media for asking questions/checking out my streamhttps://twitter.com/equinoxhots
http://www.twitch.tv/jus_equinoxAlso if you do get into tyrande you get her AMAZING master skin.

Tier 1

Due to the meta being around burst and the huge nerf to it this talent isn’t picked up much.

This talent is one I grew to love pretty quickly, 8 seconds off of a 25% damage modifier can change teamfights very quickly. Using it on divers or your general focus target it secures kills and catches people offguard with how quickly they die, also this allows you to trade more often in lane and can actually allow you to 1v1 many champions that you couldn’t before. However right now pierce is just too powerful when ranger becomes nerfed or not as effective this talent will probably make a rise.

Tier 2

I take this talent pretty much every game due to the empower nerf and how effective healing ward actually is, you can top healing on tyrande pretty easily with healing ward and your normal heal.

This talent has fallen out of favor a lot, not so good anymore due to the strength of burst in the current meta.

A strong talent, take this talent against a heavy burst team or if you have 1-2 healing wards already.

Tier 3

Decently strong with the nerf to empower, take this when you need more stuns/heals to go out.

I take this against abathur, sylvanas, and on mines.

My favorite in this talent tree, very long range stun and allows for some play making cc’s. really solid talent overall

Heroic Tier

A very powerful ult but is very lack luster due to the empower change and cooldown increase.

Starfall is very good in/against a lot of comps, mostly chase/heavy teamfight comps or against people who try to run at you. It’s very good in tight areas or fighting over camps like knights and grave golem, overall a solid ability that you should take most of the time.

Tier 4

The only talent I ever really take in this tree other than maybe sprint, increases your healing output by a lot and makes you actually feel like a burst healer.

A solid talent against heroes like illidan or e.t.c take this against heroes you can’t really get away from without it

Tier 5

Synergizes extremely well with Lunar Blaze and Hunter’s Mark, solves mana problems if you’re good with hitting your E. I don’t take this talent much anymore due to how strong ranger is.

Your go to vision control talent/long range damage talent, doubles the vision it grants (width wise) and rewards long range precision. Also it’s good for those epic long range snipes, so if you enjoy stuff like that then you’ll enjoy this talent quite a bit. However only take it if you go pierce

Tier 6

Amazing addition to Shadowstalk, gives you good burst via the 100% AA boost and the mounted/normal movespeed it gives is insane for engaging/disengaging/rotating. I take this almost everytime I take shadowstalk.

Global Usage and flat damage increase, a pretty solid pick if you end up choosing starfall. You can harass turn in on blackhearts for a very long period of time with this + owls same with tributes/grave golems on cursed hollow.

I take this almost every game, it gives you a lot of burst and CC potential and allows you to be a lot more useful in teamfights. Also cross map snipes are fun with double owl.

Tyrande’s Strengths/Weaknesses

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