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Zeratul Detailed Competitive Guide [Updated for Sylvanas patch]

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my Zeratul guide. My name is Sike and I’ve been playing Heroes of the Storm since the early alpha (mainly as assassin). I instantly fell in love with Zeratul and played a lot of games with this hero, therefore I’d like to share several builds that I find the most relevant in current meta, with you. This is my first experience of writing a detailed guide for Heroes of the Storm, so please leave your comments – they will help to improve the guide. I’ll do my best to keep this guide up-to-date and add more information on Zeratul playstyle.If you like this guide, please rate it on top of the page. Have a good time!


First of all, let me briefly introduce you to the builds presented in this guide. These two builds are, in my opinion, the two most viable talent choices for competitive game in current meta. Of course, it does not mean that you can’t build your Zeratul around basic attacks and use Shadow Assault as an ultimate or deviate from these talent choices in any other way.The Single-target assassin build is the one you will find yourself yousing most often. It gives you the most burst damage potential which would be great to nuke squishy enemy heroes. Hello, Li Li , Tyrande , Nazeebo and others!The Safe build is… basically what it’s called. It is useful when your opponents have a lot of control and high burst damage i.e. it is possible that they will lock you down possibly kill. Furthermore, it helps you live against heroes with strong basic attacks, such as Nova or Sgt. Hammer
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